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Look and Listen. What Are the Life and Business Lessons You Can Learn from Andy Warhol?
When Study the Life of Andy Warhol, You’re Sure to Come Away Impressed and Inspired Whatever you feel, think, or[...]
Featured Artist Mark D. Bird
Artist Mark Bird’s masterful watercolor paintings capture the light in landscapes and urban scenes from his extensive travels. Enjoy his[...]
Joseph Cornell: Reaching for the Moon
Artist Joseph Cornell created works that were inspired by his interest in the Space Age.
Featured Artist DebiLynn Fendley
Artist DebiLynn Fendley is a conceptual realist who works primarily with cultural subgroups, creating portraits of artistically underrepresented people. See[...]
Make Your Own Curved Card Scraper
If you didn’t get a chance to purchase one of the Crucible curved card scrapers, you can make your own[...]
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