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Because of Building Issues, Armory Show Will Move Some Exhibitors, Volta Canceled
The 2018 Armory Show. ANDREW RUSSETH/ARTNEWS The Armory Show art fair, which is scheduled to open its 25th-anniversary edition next[...]
Featured Artist Richard Rosebery
Deeply inspired by the landscape in the Australian bush, artist Richard Rosebery’s paintings explore wild and remote places. Learn more[...]
Tickets for Fine Woodworking Live
Registration is open for Fine Woodworking LIVE, which will be April 26-29 at the Southbridge Hotel & Conference Center in[...]
Featured Artist Kathy Ferguson
Artist Kathy Ferguson’s mixed media contemporary abstract art focuses on the bridge between the arts and sciences, showing their symbiotic[...]
How to Boost Your Marketing Plans with a Mind Map
What Are Your Marketing Plans? Do you have a formal marketing plan? Alternatively, do you skip around trying a little[...]
Love is in the air and in the museum. Artworks and crafts projects in honor of celebrating (or avoiding) Valentine's[...]