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Nature is the Boss: Anthony Benedetto’s Central Park
Painter Anthony Benedetto is better known as crooner Tony Bennett. His painting "Central Park" depicts the New York oasis in[...]
Featured Artist Vasco Kirov
Artist Vasco Kirov paints otherworldly landscapes, filled with mystery and inspired by dreams. See more of his fascinating portfolio by[...]
How to Build a Vibrant Art Community
by Carolyn Edlund Artists who work in isolation don’t thrive as much as artists with a supportive community. Here are[...]
Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Sunday to You! Besides being a religious date for many, it is my birthday on April 21, 2019. I[...]
Make Your Own Curved Card Scraper
If you didn’t get a chance to purchase one of the Crucible curved card scrapers, you can make your own[...]
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