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Teach Your Children Well
The Little House, our first structure on the farm.I’ve never pushed woodworking on my daughters. My shop door has always[...]
‘Sperm Cult’ at LAXART, Los Angeles
Installation view of “Sperm Cult,” 2018, at LAXART, Los Angeles. RUBEN DIAZ/COURTESY LAXART Pictures at an Exhibition presents images of[...]
Featured Artist Susan Melrath
Mixed media artist Susan Melrath focuses on shape, line and color in her art, expressing ideas about life and spirituality.[...]
Post-Sale Strategies to Grow Your Art Business
by Carolyn Edlund Closing a sale isn’t the end of the story. It can be the beginning of a beautiful[...]
Handle with Care: Consolidating Bill Traylor’s Artwork
Paper Conservator Catherine Maynor shares her experience examining and treating Bill Traylor’s artwork.’s New Adventure
Today, we are announcing that we’re becoming part of the Walmart family of brands, allowing our teams to achieve our[...]